Thursday, May 25, 2006

My InterNet Experience

My Experience:
I use internet since im here in my IT Training last October.
Its helpful to everyone. Friendly user. It's give entertainment and knowledge to everyone.
I don't like all the porn site in the web!

Shopper WebSite

Nakapost lahat ng mga kailangan mo, Mdali kang makapili ng mga items n gus2 mo! Di mahirap mamili!
Minsan mahirap mkapsok s site. Sa unang tingin mahirap, medyo naka2lito lng ung mga instruction.
Iba sa ebay, mas naka2aliw at nka2libang.
naka2libog d2!


Madaling mag-apply, sundin lng lhat ng patakaran. kaya lng po ung iba policy medyo mahirap intindihin. Ok ang online transaction, sana lhat ng transaction na ating la2karin ay naka online. Para mas mabilis ung proseso at d naka2pagod.


Malaking 2long sa atin ung online transaction, mabilis ung transaction. Di kn pi2li sa city hall para mkakuha ng birth certificate. Marami pang pwedeng gawing transaction d2, katulad ng Death Cerf., Marriage, CENOMAR. ito po ung website na pu2ntahan nyo pag nag-apply kau ng kailangan nyo.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My IT Training

This is my best and unforgetable experience in my life. I learned a lot in this IT Training, They gave support and guidance all the time that we spend here so called "Bahay ni Kuya". Im very proud to be part pf these program. I don't expect to be one of the representative in our Coop, coz im not a computer literate. With the support of my family and my belived Manager Mrs.Rosalie Valencia and my co-employee, i inspired to face all trial and study hard so that we could enhance the knowledge that i get here in our training when im back in our Coop.
We would also like to thank the sponsor of the program, PBSP, InVent, AWCF, NATCCO, ATENEO, and My Coop VALDECO.
In behalf of my Classmate, i know this is not the last time that we met and spend each other. I know someday or somehow, we'll see you again.
We Love You All!!!